Introducing: Obsession is the undeniable new record from New York City’s The Xi.

I didn’t know much about The Xi before this single landed in my inbox but as soon as I listened to the record I knew it was undeniably worthy of a post. Firstly, the production is wonderfully subdued – a percussive instrumental underlines the soaring melody which hits its stride once the chorus rolls around. This chorus is probably in my top 15 of the year, with the hook ascending up into a gorgeously sumptuous falsetto that never loses body. Keep your eyes on The Xi.

“At some point everyone has been scared to admit their feelings for someone. When we got together with our friends Boy Matthews and Corey Latif to write this song, we wanted Obsession to be a story about moving past your inhibitions and letting that person know how you feel with the hope that they feel the same way.” – The Xi


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