WAJU drops ‘My Luv’ featuring NYNE & Jared Evan.

New York based talent WAJU follows up his breakout record ‘FADed’ with collaborative new single ‘My Luv’. Released via Majestic Casual, the new record sees WAJU team up with NYNE and Jared Evan. The sultry track is peppered with silky vocals, bold drum samples and fizzing, trilled hi-hats. My Luv is a laid-back R&B anthem, restrained in its production the vocal is allowed to shine.

“Recently I have been making lots of atmospheric ambient vibes. To be honest this stemmed from working with Teflon Sega so much. So when I made this vibe I knew exactly what type of artist I wanted to feature on it. I have been working with NYNE off and on for a couple years and recently connected with her through working on her upcoming EP. When I sent her the beat she immediately helped guide the direction of the track. Then a couple weeks later I had a session with Jared Evan who is a phenomenal artist and songwriter. He has a long track list of artists he has worked with and his story is amazing so when I had the chance to work with him, it was a special moment for me.” – WAJU


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