London’s July Jones emerges as a pop force with her new offering ‘Bad Influence’

July Jones is an exciting, emerging songwriter who is beginning to define her sound and reach new heights. Following on from her critically acclaimed single ‘Jump In The Water’ the London songstress has just dropped her new record ‘Bad Influence’. Whilst July’s vocals shine, the production provides a stable, restrained sound-bed for her melody to swing on. Fizzing synths, thumping drums and a fuzzy bass line combine to elevate an already impressive song.

“This track has really started to define my sound. It was the first time my producer and I focused more on the song rather than the vocals and we have carried on with this approach ever since. It’s about the influence people can have on each other, even if they lead you momentarily off course, you still just go with it because it can be fun an exciting – The everyday life experiences that we all face when we are young – we go and try things, we break the rules.” – July Jones


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