DESIIRE paints a pretty picture on new single ‘PICASSO’

We’ve covered a couple of DESIIRE’s single over here at Purple Melon, they’re always infectious, always filled with grooves and always well produced. The new record ‘PICASSO’ is no different; a flawlessly soulful vocal rides on a thumping bass line that will have you tapping your foot. The percussion is expressive and bold, whilst the melodies are characteristically catchy.

“I really wanted this record to be about good vibes and a positive message. It’s quite a
contrast to some of my previous records i’ve released like Reckless in which I talk about the trials and struggles of my life. In this tune and I guess with life in general, it’s about acknowledging those downsides but moving forward and being your own cheerleader, which is something i think as peoples we often forget to do.” – DESIIRE


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