‘Broken Pieces’ by Leyla Diamondi is a tasteful gift

It takes immense bravery to sing a song like ‘Broken Pieces’, both for its emotional nakedness and for the advanced vocal technique it requires. It seems that Leyla Diamondi doesn’t only crush songwriting, her delivery is also elite. With the emotional depth of Sara Bareilles and vocal conversance of Ariana Grande, Diamondi sounds like a force of nature, connecting with the listener through the speakers, pulling them at their heart strings. 

Beyond the astonishing vocal technique lies high class production, perfectly enhancing the singer’s presence with balanced instrumentation. The elements meticulously weave with one another to create a passionate choreography of sound which, kept subtle, is a work of art. With songs this emotional, it is easy to overdo it, but Leyla holds everything together with mastery to provoke strong reactions (crying for the most part). 

The Greek-Turkish songbird has delivered consistent poetry throughout her career. With every new offering, she promises monumental things for the next, and never disappoints when the time comes. Leyla Diamondi has a valuable personality that screams vibrancy and depth. Every project she puts out is a tasteful gift. We can only thank her for ‘Broken Pieces’ as it touches the most delicate part of our hearts. 

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