‘BIGBRIGHT’ is the new single from Australian artist Golden Vessel, featuring Elkkle, E^ST and DUCKWRTH

Max Byrne, aka Golden Vessel, is an Australian artist who is becoming a genre-defying staple on the blogosphere and streaming playlists.  His new single ‘BIGBRIGHT’ features Elkkle, E^ST and DUCKWRTH – out via Ultra Records. His unique blend of electronic, alt-pop, hip-hop and R&B is a refreshing combination that leads to brash, swirling soundscapes; immediately drawing the listener in. Racking up millions of streams per release, the emerging talent is undoubtedly here to stay.

With my new music I wanted to take what I tried-out on “Shoulders” with two vocals and really push it to another level, because I love having unique perspectives within songs. When Elkkle and I started writing BIGBRIGHT together around Bigsound in Sept 2017, I knew that I wanted to try to have 4 different vocals on the song (including myself). Elkkle and I sat on our two vocal version for a while, and it wasn’t until 6 months later that I found myself working with Duckwrth in LA, and I asked him at the end of a session whether he’d want to jump on the song. The day after Duckwrth recorded his verse I asked E^ST via facetime to see if she wanted to be part of the project and showed her the song, and then less than 2 hours later she sent back an idea that was recorded through a MacBook mic.” – Golden Vessel


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