‘SLOWSHINE’ is the glorious debut album from Australian songwriter and producer Golden Vessel

‘SLOWSHINE’ is the glorious debut album from Australian songwriter and producer Golden Vessel. It features an amazing line up of guest features including DUCKWRTH, E^ST, Woodes, The Nicholas and Emerson Leif. The underlying fabric of the record is Golden Vessel’s rich, textured production – a swirling cacophony of analog and electronic elements, all tied together by his penchant for catchy alt-pop arrangements. SLOWSHINE was birthed over twelve months, during which the songs evolved; with Golden Vessel making iterations along the way, ensuring a unified and dynamic record.

“I’d spend most days trying to piece together different synths and vocals until it worked. I really loved the idea of having multiple voices inputting their own experiences and stories into a broader song topic and got to explore this with a lot of the songs; BIGBRIGHT being the lead example of this having myself + 3 others (Elkkle, E^ST & DUCKWRTH) all bringing our individual styles under one song.” – Golden Vessel

“We played a lot with reflective fabrics and materials and used a lot of film. It was a lot of fun to collaborate with really talented friends I respected as closely on the visual side as much as I collaborate on the music side.” – Golden Vessel


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