Chatterbox: MAKJ talks melons, the Wynn and Matthew Santos.

Two weeks ago today MAKJ dropped his new single ‘Too Far Gone’; featuring the vocal styling of Matthew Santos, the new record is infectious but laid-back. As always, the production is polished and allow the vocals to really kick into gear once the chorus rolls around. We asked MAKJ to answer a few questions so we could get to know more about the new single and what he’s been up to this year.

Hey, thanks for talking to us, could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not otherwise know?

I’m extremely allergic to melons – which is ironic of course because you are called Purple Melon.  I was actually on tour when I figured out I was allergic.  I had a watermelon smoothie about 30 minutes before a show in Croatia, and next thing I know I’m in a helicopter getting transported to a hospital in Split. It was a pretty crazy experience; but nonetheless a fun fact!


Didn’t expect that! What does the new single draw upon, in terms of subject?

So when Matthew and I wrote the lyrics for Too Far Gone, we both had just gotten out of two serious relationships. That was definitely the driving force behind the record. 

How did it evolve in the studio?

The record happened over a one year period. Too Far Gone was a lot more indie before I really found true passion for the 80s new wave sound. Once I had that sound in mind, I redid the chorus to cater towards that specific sound.

Matthew Santos features on this one, how did you find the collaborative process?

He’s truly an amazing artist to work with. He can sing, write, produce; he can do it all.  He’s definitely someone I would rely on for future collaborations.

I can see some great live highlights on your socials, can you recall a particularly memorable show from the last year?

All shows hold a special place close to my heart, but the show that really was memorable was when I took my parents to my first Vegas show at the Wynn. They had no idea what I actually did for a living so this was the perfect place to show them. 

What do MAKJ fans have to look forward to, through the end of 2017?

More music!


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