Haley Vassar is a pop prodigy in the making on new single ‘Alright’

New York’s Haley Vassar is a young-gun with a firm grasp on her sound. Her debut record ‘In My Feelings’ catapulted to 200,000 streams and gained critical acclaim across radio and press.

Her new single ‘Alright’ is another winner, “there the girls that stood out in crowds. The fire inside them was far too strong to be put out.” – sings Haley. It’s a powerful piece of alt-pop filled with plucky synths, raw percussion and stacked vocals. The chorus rings out, getting latched in your head on the second listen. Keep your eye on Vassar, she’ll be all over your playlists very soon.

“I wrote “Alright” about my group of girlfriends, and sort of teenage girls in general. People are so quick to judge one another from one action — you do one thing, you’re considered a skank; you give your honest opinion on something, then you’re automatically a b*tch. Growing up is hard enough as it is… it’s about finding yourself on your own — no one should feel confined to someone else’s predeterminations of them. So “Alright” is sort of an anthem –  like “I am who I am. You can be happy with it or not, but I’m not morphing myself into something that I’m not for the purpose of pleasing others.” – Haley


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