Artist and producer Rory Carney drops his latest hit ‘Dreaming Through My Prime’,

Artist and producer Rory Carney drops his latest hit ‘Dreaming Through My Prime’, a nostalgic hit with punk/indie influences. Upbeat and catchy, the track is the latest in a string of upcoming releases from the London based artist who is experiencing a steady rise in popularity.

Comprised of a simple drum beat and a steady guitar melody, ‘Dreaming Through My Prime’ sees Rory Carney narrate the all-too-familiar tale of feeling like you haven’t achieved enough with your life. Retrospective and endearing lyricism meet with a warm, distinctly British indie-pop vibe and nostalgic 80s synths, which bring the whole piece together.

Boasting a deep, yet friendly and captivating vocal, ‘Dreaming Through My Prime’ sees Rory’s voice seamlessly interwoven with guitar/synth parts,as well as organ and pads that aid the progression of the track, culminating in an impactful backing vocal for the final chorus. Armed with a sweet voice, songwriting, mixing and production skills, Rory Carney positions himself as a quadruple threat with bags of talent and ingenuity to spare.

“Lyrically the track is about feeling you’ve not quite achieved as much as you hoped, a very familiar worry for a lot of adults, but that actually you’ve loved every step of your journey and wouldn’t change your life for anything, even with its downsides.” 

Rory Carney – Dreaming Through My Prime


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