Chatterbox: Saint Raymond nurtures a more mature sound on ‘Nightcrawler’

We’ve been deeply into Saint Raymond since ‘Young Blood’, the Nottingham-based songwriter’s breakout single. Since then he has released a slew of critically acclaimed records. He took the time to chat to us about his new single ‘Nightcrawler’ and his upcoming EP.

Hey! Thanks for speaking to us, how has 2017 treated you so far?

No problem! 2017 has been good, most importantly for me it’s a big one because I’m getting music back out there. After being away for a while, it feels so good to have the buzz of having new music out and playing shows again, so it’s all very exciting for me.

What does ’Nightcrawling’ draw upon?

I got inspired to write Nightcrawling by watching a friend who kept going back to his ex girlfriend on nights out but then they wouldn’t talk to each other in the daytime. So the song is basically about how that plays out. Once I got going with that idea it all started to come together nicely.

How did Nightcrawling evolve in the studio?

It all kind of stemmed from the main guitar riff and the bass line, which are the main driving forces in the song. From there onwards it was pretty light work! The song changed a bit over a period of time but that was more about getting the production perfect on it, but the actual song came together in a day or two.

Does the EP follow the sound you’ve laid out with this single?

I feel like in general my music has matured a little but I also didn’t want to escape too far way from the sound of my first album because that’s the music I love making and I felt it was important to stay close to the music I was making before. Nightcrawling has a little bit of a darker sound than some of the other tracks like ‘We Are Fire’ which is out now and ‘Younger’ which I’m excited for people to hear!


What can fans look forward to over the next few months?

I’m just carrying on with writing, and getting more music together. So after the EP release you can expect more music from me, and maybe some more features too. I’m currently featured on Philip George’s new tune ‘Losing My Mind’ and it’s cool to work with other artists and producers and not just on my own stuff. Most importantly, for me, is to get back on the road and playing more live shows.


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