Stove God Cooks delivers his heavy dosage of individual hip-hop in ‘That’s The Game’

Stove God Cooks is a man on a mission and has proven time and time again he can create modern-day hip-hop music that will appeal to the masses. His confidence across the mic can only be desired, with an immediate suave and swagger oozing from his vocals. His latest single ‘That’s the Game’ is an instant classic, with a huge trap beat and masterful production to set the tone, Cooks’ takes centre stage in a hyped track that is destined for the heights.

Signed by the renowned Babygrande Records, there is a vision for Crooks to become the next big thing in hip-hop, and considering it’s one of the most competitive genres to stand out in, Cooks is already gaining huge attention with his signature approach to creating melancholic and moving music that is appealing and always leaves you wanting more. Tune into ‘That’s the Game’ now to see what the fuss is all about.

Steve God Cooks – ‘That’s the Game’

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