Blooms release melancholic synth-pop builder ‘Text When You Get Home’

Electro-pop heroine Blooms creates ambient and vibrant synth-led tracks that possess hard-hitting lyricism and messaging that speaks to the modern-day issues that surround us. She has returned with a track that superbly represents this in ‘Text Me When You Get Home’. This beautifully arranged synth-pop ballad is all about the tragic Sarah Everard incident that happened earlier this year.

It’s a deeply personal and vulnerable track from Blooms, as she is writing an almost step to step guide to women walking home at night in any place, at any time. It’s a dark, yet spirited message, but captured so magnificently from her as the synths build throughout, creating an atmospheric and sonically moving track that will run true to most.


Blooms shares more on what inspired her to write the track: 

“I wrote the song as a reaction to the Sarah Everard story. I lived in London. I walked through parks on my own to get home. I have been that girl. We have all been that girl but the outcome of her story broke my heart. There’s definitely a sadness to the song. We all want the people we care about to let us know that they’re safe, to let us know they got home ok. It should be so simple but it’s not.”

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