Los Angeles based songstress alxxa drops her stunning debut EP, ‘Body’

Los Angeles’ Alex Saad, better known by her stage name alxxa, has been making a mark on the Dance scene with her consistency, unique feel, and overall appeal in the past year. Done with simply releasing singles, alxxa is ready to showcase her identity with the release of her debut EP, properly-titled, Body.

Following last week’s interview with us, the Electro-Pop songstress delivers a much hyped collective of new material, introducing the world to her catchy new sound.

Body is supported by four brand new songs by alxxa. In preview, the tracklist includes the previously released songs, “Icy Love” and “Body“. The two unreleased songs to be featured on the EP, also written by alxxa, include “Swerve” and “Burnt to Dust“. In its entirety, alxxa shines with a delightful dance ready collection. Creative content and a relatable message, there is something for everyone on this debut effort.

alxxa details the “making” of her debut EP in the following statement.

“This EP is about moving on from a relationship. It kind of covers all the stages: grief, denial, anger, acceptance… with a fair bit of sass sprinkled in. “Swerve” has a sassy, angry spunk to it; we all HATE it when someone twists our words into something we didn’t mean. “Burn to Dust” is a very emotional song for me, covering that low point during a break up. There is this moment when a relationship is ending where you truly manipulate yourself into the irrational fear that you cannot possibly live without the other person… the mind is a really powerful thing. “Icy Love” is getting towards acceptance, recognizing you deserve better than the shitty love you have been receiving from this person. Finally, “Body” means, well, you are ready to get it on again.”

alxxa is slated to release the first visual from the new EP’s title track this Friday.


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