Introducing: L.A. songstress syd B shows her Claws

Los Angeles based songwriter syd B is beginning to make a name for herself, straddling the lines between R&B, indie and electro-pop. Her debut single ‘Claws’ has gained support from blogs and playlists – breaking 50,000 streams on Spotify.

The appeal is clear, syd’s melodies float atop a sparse electronic beat peppered with acoustic guitar; the hook is infectious and reinforced by plucky guitar licks. If this is the sound that syd is going to carry forward then she’s on to a winner.

“I painted a picture for myself, and for the listener, of what it looked and felt like to move on. I spoke from a place of “knowing you can do better”, but also a bittersweet tether to the last relationship I thought I knew best. I mirrored the ebb and flow of emotions through a whispery intro, groovy chorus, and a stripped-down chorus to finish.” – Syd B


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