Chatterbox: Sabrina Sounds

Hey, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Sabrina Sounds and I’m a 21 year old female singer from Oakland, California. I began singing a year ago after teaming up with songwriter Sebastian Stafford and producer Andrew Bearford. 

Where did the new record come from?

Andrew started messing around with a beat and Sebastian and I naturally started writing. We typically write in our own corners then come together and share our thoughts and blend them together to create a song. When we started writing we were just thinking about our journey. How its very confusing, uncertain, brand new, and kinda mysterious. I’ve always been very secretive about my voice and slightly insecure. I wanted people to know that. I sent the song to Elujay and he responded and told me to book the studio session. 

Is there more content in the pipeline?

We’ve basically been locked in the studio for the past year working on new material. I’ve completed my first mixtape “First Impressions” written by Sebastian and I, and produced by Andrew. My mixtape features a few up and coming Bay Area artists as well and im aiming to release it by the summer. Until then I have a few singles and videos I plan on droppingq  over the new few months. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

We hope people will begin to catch on and vibe with the sound we are beginning to develop. Were combining our bay area roots with the harmony and fluidity of singing, which creates a unique and refreshing sound we like to call “Trap Ballads”. We aim to be different. A lot of people won’t understand the sound at first but as we progress we hope people start vibing with it and support what were curating.

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