Introducing: Orchid

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a writer and producer from London, UK, and I’m Iranian – Persian for grace – by heritage. I’ve got an obsession with swimming pools and night-time alone, and for clever pictures and words. I’ve written since I can remember, but I started producing a couple of years ago, just a few acapella skits as I couldn’t play anything, and then of course you start wanting some sort of bass, and other things your voice can’t do. The first things I made took months and were honestly awful, mostly because the concept of drums evaded me for a long time. Drums change everything.

Where did the new single come from?

It’s a song about change of heart and wanting to be adored; the elation of coming out of hiding from love with a devotion you’ve never known in yourself. It’s a small piece The actual imagery of jasmines comes from some of my strongest memories of visiting my family in Iran when I was a kid, these magical flowers that opened only at nighttime in spring and made you feel drunk with how sweet they smelt. That’s what giving in should feel like, I think.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yeah always! How soon depends on how rage-delete-y I get with my songs, I’m quite extreme with how I feel about them. I’m working on finishing a new song right now, and I’ve gone from almost sending it off to the mixing fairies a couple of days ago to now rewriting the entire thing. I’m a nightmare to myself, but there will be more music. I’m working on some visual material too – for Jasmines I worked with one of my best friends to make these incredible gifs which you’ve maybe already seen. It’s been amazing to get my mind back into images and colours again as I used to paint a lot. I’ve spent a while lately scouring books for clippings so you can fairly accurately expect more sad songs and collages in the next few months.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I’ve been collaborating with a few people recently and can’t wait to get those songs into the world, as well as more of my own. Since I started with all this music I’ve been defining and redefining my sound, but I come from a really eclectic place musically and each different artist I’ve been working with has a different part of my inspirations at the heart of their sound, so it’s been really exciting to jump in. I’ve been trying to envisage what 2018 will look like too, and my mystic ball I think is telling me there’ll be an EP. I don’t actually have a mystic ball and do have plenty of songs for an EP, so mixed signs really.


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