Chatterbox: Chaos Chaos

Tell us a bit about yourself.

We’re Asy and Chloe from Chaos Chaos. Grew up in Seattle, Washington and have been in NYC for the past 5 years but have juuuust moved to LA. Not sure yet if we wanna consider ourselves LA based. We’ve been performing and touring together in a band since we were 10 and 12. Kinda crazy, but yeah our upbringing was a mixture of being in and out of school, touring and being jock tom boys. Maybe we should start a genre called Jock Rock. I relate to that.

Where did the new single come from?

The new single ‘Dripping with Fire’ was written last fall (2016) in upstate NY. Our rehearsal space at the time was in this abandoned-looking building where we wrote a lot of the album. The song was one of the easiest, flowy songs on the record to write. The other songs were a little more consciously articulated. Dripping with Fire expressed some of the same themes that are prevalent on this album, but in a more raw and subconscious way. The chords that shift from major to minor and the juno arpeggio feel safe and scary at the same time, like sisterhood, love, and strength as a woman. The song doesn’t give any answers, but instead provides an environment surrounded by uncertainty and conflict, like we were at the time. Hopefully this environment will resonate with listeners in some way.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yeah, we’re ALWAYS writing music, it’s kind of overwhelming how much content we have in the form of Logic projects or voice memos even. But we plan to release the album we just finished in early 2018 and will release another single and video before then.

What’s on the horizon for you?

We’ve really enjoyed finding a new way of writing music, which has been spurred on by our Rick and Morty collaborations. Making songs for cartoons forces you to not take it too seriously. We’ve had a blast collaborating with Justin Roiland, Ryan Elder, and Dan Harmon on this kind of stuff for season 3. And it feels like a stark contrast to the way we write for our own releases, where we take so long and tend to overthink everything. When writing for Rick and Morty, we usually have a short time to write the cues and consider them finished.

Last minute we heard they wanted us to do a song for episode 6 and we literally had three hours to write it. It just feels like a big joke that that song, of all the songs we’ve ever released, ends up charting. I think it’s kind of awesome to realize that things that come easy or naturally are not any less important. I think there’s this masochistic tendency for musicians to assume the harder a song writing process is, the better the song should be. But sometimes, a super quick easy song ends up being your best. So we’re already thinking of more ways to continue with this less overthought creative process and are excited about more things coming in the future that we can’t totally announce yet.



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