Chatterbox: EEL SOS

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

What’s up, I’m EEL SOS aka Lil Katsu. I’m writing to you from the pacific coast and have been in LA for my life’s entirety — pretty much. I write and produce all my stuff and have been playing music ever since the days I’d slide a turkey baster across my dad’s guitar to make weird bluesy bossa nova noises. 

Growing up near the beach I’ve always been curious about the point where the water touches the sky. How can something that looks so obvious not be real? That’s when I figured I wanted to do something with my life that at least felt real. Kinda chasing reality but living out of consciousness, ya know? And music has always brought out different sides of me. EEL SOS is my vulnerable side where I’m not afraid to make anything that people, my friends or lovers might not like.

Where did the new single come from?

“Range feat Star” happened at a time of drastic change. This time last year I was working a 9-5, sharing my life with an amazing soul (and cat, shout out Mimosa), and was happy. Then one morning I woke up to no job, no cat and no one to share that moment with. So I packed up and moved to South Central LA — and that was the part that really formed me. I saw myself out there, saying yes to every opportunity that sounded cool, finding a truer self. To answer your question, “Range” came from all this. It just so happened that I was meeting and working with Star when this song came together and felt right.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Always. I try to write a song a day and can usually decide if the direction is worth continuing by the next. I have a couple EPs worth of music about ready to drop and have been working with a few labels to help give them a little push since I’m kind of a “new” artist. 

I also hang out with a group of producers alike. We call ourselves Thin Air, and this crew of different styles has inspired me to make music I don’t usually write with constant feedback and a collective effort to push each other.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I love anything expressive so I’m constantly thinking of ways to present my music differently. Since music and visual art work so well together, I want to move to making my live shows more of an experience that isn’t just music. It would be something that brings the audience with me through a story from start to finish. I love playing with tech and building electronics, so hopefully I can pull off something you’ve never seen before 🙂 




Thin Air Collective:

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