Chatterbox: Twiceyoung

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself:

We’re just two guys who live in two different states. We watch too many horror flicks and think a lot about the cosmos. We make music because it’s what we love, and we call it Twiceyoung.

Where did the new single come from?

‘Uneven Kind’, like each song on the new EP, is a series of different ideas written over the past couple years. We tend to separate out portions of songs we’ve written, bring those favorited ideas together, and rediscover what makes them our favorites. We like to hear a song evolve and take new forms. ‘Uneven Kind’ touches on a few main concepts that had been bouncing around in our heads, both lyrically and instrumentally. 

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Definitely, yes. We’ll be releasing the rest of this EP over the course of the month, followed by more videos, followed by more music soon; always writing. This EP was a blockage for us. We had some important stuff to get off our shoulders that took a lot of time to say correctly. We work very hard to create a product that feels very intentional, without feeling overworked. There’s a fine balance that’s become more clear during this EP’s writing process. We’re very excited to follow it up with more content very soon.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Next we have a new single, ‘Change Your Love’, debuting Friday, October 6th, then the full EP on October 20th. After that, a music video that we’re incredibly proud of. Truthfully, we love telling stories, and we’re always very excited to turn our music in a mini film. As Twiceyoung grows and evolves we’re discovering more and more how big of a role film plays within our art. You can expect a lot more of that. All of this followed by a lot of touring – of course.


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