Chatterbox: MAJIK

Hey, first off, how’s 2017 been for you guys so far?

Well, we’ve seen parts of the world we never thought we would. China was beyond surreal and left us excited to tour more across the seas. We’ve also been releasing a lot more music and our debut EP (under the influence) is taking shape as we come to the close of an inspiring year, roll on 2018!

What was the journey from the last single to this one?

Bumpy at times, but nothing we’re not used too. Catching the undercurrents of life and making sounds is what we do so the journey is always different on both the emotional side and production. We’ve decided to mark it as a new chapter as we close what was and open what will be.

What does the new record draw upon?

Energy. Energy is so valuable, people lose sight of that from situations which they need to escape from. This record gives wings to that journey and engages the strength to do what is right, self preservation unlocks doors.

You guys are doing really well at the moment, how does it feel to receive such great support from Spotify?

It means a lot to us in todays music scene what with streaming dominating a lot of the market, we have a lot of love for Spotify backing us up as we emerge into our journey. It’s time to step it up a gear.

What do fans have to look forward to?

The full EP will be out before November and we are going to follow it up with a headline show in London. This is still unannounced but we have some special plans for fans who support us locally, lets end this year on a high.

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