Chatterbox: ÊMIA x middle school

Hey! Tell us  little bit about yourself.

Hi there! middle school and I met freshman year of college at the University of Miami almost 3 years ago. We’re a long distance couple who became a long distance couple after the school year ended because he decided that Miami wasn’t for him. Since then, it’s been a lot of phone calls, FaceTime dates, and the occasional visits. 

I’m from Madison, Wisconsin/Valrico, Florida and he’s from Simi Valley, California. We both go to music school; I’m at Frost, he’s at Berklee now. I like small concerts, young adult romances, thrift stores and fat fluffy cats. He likes going to shows that are in warehouses, romance anime and normal-sized cats. Our go-to snack is Haribo Happy Cola and follow the same fashion vlogger on YouTube. 

How did the new single come about?

This single was sort of an accident. We almost never collaborate since we are both extremely opinionated, sensitive and have very different tastes when it comes to music. But, one night, he sent me the instrumental with “How To Say Sorry” as the title and I immediately wanted to write something because I was so inspired by that concept. It didn’t hurt that I was listening to a lot of Kehlani at the time and just wanted to pretend to be her on a track even though I can never be her. 

Anyways, the title reminded me about all the times I let my argumentative side get the best of me. I was a speech and debate nut in high school so my thirst for “winning” fights can be a little insane. There were definitely times when I said things I didn’t mean and I had to fix it somehow. In a long distance relationship, there is no other way to apologize except to say it. So when you do, you really have to say it right. I consider this song my blanket “retroactive apology for that one fight that one time”. 

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Absolutely. Like I said, collaboration is pretty difficult for us. When it happens, it’s great. But we find that it’s not something we can force. We’re pretty sure that it’ll happen again, but we don’t have any set plans. My guess is he’ll probably send me something with a really interesting title that he just made up in 2 seconds and I’ll get stoked and ask to write for it. 

Our own individual stuff though? Lots of things are in the works. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

middle school is planning on more single releases on soundcloud and really special collaborations with different artists coming soon. 

I’ll be posting a ton more YouTube videos and finally releasing original music. I’m ending my stint of youtube covers (I’ve been at it for about 10 years) and will be releasing singles every single month, leading up to my first EP. I’m also going to be a senior in college so that’s exciting too. 

We’re both insanely stoked for what’s to come and can’t wait to share everything.

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