Chatterbox: Cassie Martin

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, music has been a tremendous part of my life ever since my early childhood, however that didn’t hinder my curiosity towards finding other ways of expressing myself. Photography and film entered their way into my life pretty early as well. Learning to film and edit using different softwares became sort of a fun challenge for me when I got my first iMac for Christmas at 11 years old. I would love writing short stories & acting them out with my friends in front of the camera.

These days I find a sense of peace knowing that I’m capable of editing my own music videos and easily communicating the variations of my style with those who I work with. I enjoy going through the motions of learning new things. I think the ability to learn and teach is inexpressibly beautiful. These past couple of years, I’ve learned to produce my own music, which has been such a rewarding journey. This decision was inspired by my negative experiences in the music industry as a female artist, working with many male producers. 

Where did the new single come from?

This song was written with a friend of mine, Andrew Novoa. He approached me with a skeletal foundation for “Light” which consisted of the drum beat, chord progression and glistening vibe, which gave me almost immediate ideas. I took some time to listen and ended up writing the lyrics and melodies pretty spontaneously, and once I showed it to Andrew later that day, he said he absolutely loved it. I wrote this song based upon a world that coexists in my mind, a place where time and fear cease to have so much power over us. My favorite line is “I know there’s more to you than everyone sees, and that’s the balance that confuses me, choosing these, minds to please…”

Is there more content in the pipeline?

I’m happy to announce yes 🙂 There will be an EP release later this year that is in the creation process as we speak. I wouldn’t like to spoil any surprises by revealing anything yet, but perhaps I’ll grow tired of the anticipation as the time gets closer… Hehe

What’s on the horizon for you?

My ultimate goal as a musician is to reach out to others, and remind them they’re not alone. Music is the ultimate universal language, and to be able to share something so intimate with so many lives all at once really seems rather miraculous. I can barely wait until I can perform for large audiences and feel their presence there with me as I share my favorite thing to do with them. I consider myself extremely lucky. Singing to and for others will always bring this untamable bliss to my heart. A tour is in the works, as well as a couple music videos… xo

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