Chatterbox: Vincent Coleman

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in the Ladera Heights area of Los Angeles & have always found LA to be inspiring for the diversity of experiences that it offers. I consider myself a bit of sponge inspiration wise and I loved being able to spend hours as a kid in Amoeba Music finding new genres of music to explore & I definitely explored. I found myself inspired from artists like Nine Inch Nails, Portishead & Grace Jones to Maxwell, Bilal, & Jill Scott to the Presets & LCD Soundsystem (though my mom was definitely concerned about my obsession with NIN). Having all of these different influences, in addition to being born into a musically talented family, I knew that this was something that I wanted to pursue.

I remember sitting in my room at the age of eleven, writing my first song and the feelings that came over me – release, peace, & joy. It was amazing. I continued down the path of songwriting and took every opportunity that I could to make my vocals stronger than they were the day before. I became sort of a zealot in my pursuit of pushing myself vocally and creating my sound, singing everyday, practicing, practicing, practicing to the point that my friends would get sick of me singing harmonies over songs or singing in another octave while songs were playing but it was something I loved, and still love, to do. In addition to defining myself musically, this journey also helped me discover who I wanted to be – someone who is not afraid of vulnerability or sharing my experiences of love, forgiveness, sensuality, heartbreak, and finding my self-worth with others, in hopes of allowing space for connectedness and, fingers crossed, the breaking down of the barriers that hold us back as human beings. 

Where did the new single come from?

‘Purify Me’ is one of my favorite songs that I’ve written so far. I’m really proud of the vibe that I was able to create with my team. ‘Purify Me’ is a celebration of love in it’s purest form – honest, intimate, & authentic. When I first sat down to begin writing this song it sort of magically came out of nowhere. It’s one of first songs that I’ve written completely within 10 minutes & as a result, I wanted to create a landscape that supported that organic vibe of – something that felt open, almost like it’s breathing and coexisting in this world of happiness and love, represented by my vocals feeling seraphic.

When I decided to work with Kevin Roberts (producer), who I’ve known for almost 8 years now, I was so proud of the vibe that we were able to create & what made it even more worth it was all the love that has been shown via social media through direct messages from people that stumbled across the song and fans that have been around since day one. I’m really grateful that people are connecting to this song about allowing yourself to love freely & happily. 

Is there more content in the pipeline?

I’m constantly writing and working on new music, so I definitely will be releasing a new single within the next two – three months. In the past, I have released some music through EP’s, like my previous EP Past Lovers, but for right now I want to challenge myself to create the best content song wise that I can & allow others to connect to the songs individually, which is allowing me the freedom to just create and create, thinking outside of the box of a typical EP format. I am definitely not giving up on releasing an EP, I just like the idea of people being able to connect with songs almost like these songs are your own personal, different, & individual friends.

What’s on the horizon for you?

In addition to continuing to release singles throughout the year, I am also excited to continue to create visual components, for example my music video for my lead single from Past Lovers, ‘Little Eyes’ music video, for releases in the future. When I write music, I am definitely thinking of a visual component as well, which also helps in my storytelling writing wise. Simultaneously, I just finished up my first book of poems, which I cannot wait to release. A lot of my songs start out as poetry, so these creative avenues go hand-in-hand for me & as much as I am a zealot for pushing myself vocally and lyrically, I am the same way about writing my poetry. For example my Twitter is where I express myself through poetry, and it’s so much fun and also a great sort of self challenge to have to write my poems in 140 characters or less. Luckily I don’t have to do with that music. 

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