Chatterbox: Fjer

Danish alt-pop songstress Fjer is emerging as a real force within the genre. 2016 saw Fjer release ‘Her Turn’, her strongest single to date at that point. Her most recent offering ‘Better’ is another step forward; pulsating synths, infectious hooks and dry beats splatter the track with character. She’s definitely one to watch this year.


Tell us a bit about yourself 

My name is Fjer (Feather(s) in Danish) and I’m a Danish singer/songwriter/producer living in New York. I’ve always made music in all genres and about 5 years ago I fell in love with electronic music, when I was messing around in Logic for the first time. Since then I’ve released two self-produced EP’s (2013’s A New Start & 2014’s Beautiful Home) and two new singles in the last year. Better is my newest single and music video which marks my new sound. 

What’s the story behind your new single ‘Better’? 

I approached “Better” like opening a time capsule to my past, where I’d discover that someone I was in an on/off relationship with hadn’t changed one bit. There was still this notion that we were just gonna pick up things were we left off – so it was written to remind them of how much better we could’ve had it, had they chosen me. The song itself was in limbo for years until Nector boys breathed new life into it.

In terms of the video we wanted to do something that really conveyed the sense of detachment in broken relationships – a way to embody the “what ifs” visually,” she says. “The result is this glitchy video by Peter Anthony Red, and a cameo from fellow singer Emilia James, who suffered wet clothes, chilly water and a suffocating fog machine for an entire day with me.

What are your plans for 2017? 

All the work we’ve done last year has been recording, producing, shooting videos, and setting up the release of my debut album. This year it’s all gonna be revealed and I cannot wait.

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