Chatterbox: Grumby

Grumby have been putting out solid productions for just over three years now. They’re amassing a following, the Brooklyn-base duo have garnered serious attention from critics and fans alike. The pair’s new single ‘Stuck’ features Sola Fide on vocals, it sits somewhere between Mura Masa and Lido with a bit of Mickey Valen thrown in for good measure. It’s a serious lesson in how to do alt-electro right in 2017.

Hey, tell us a bit about Grumby.

We are Rajuju Brown and Butterfly, better known for our stage name GRUMBY. We’re a future jazz, electronic R&B, and soul duo based out of Brooklyn, NY. We pay tribute to the smooth R&B, jazz, and hip-hop music we grew up jamming to, and capture a bit of that 90’s nostalgia with a contemporary, electronica twist. Our debut release, Changes was well-received including numerous plays on BBC 1 Radio, nods from Annie Mac – who debuted their single “Refuse (feat. Hari Mint)” in her “Musical Hot Water Bottle” segment – and adds on major Spotify playlists.

How did the new single ‘Stuck’ come about?

“Stuck” is an anthem inspired by insuppressible love featuring intimate vocals from the female duo Overcoats. The idea for this was conceived in the Spring of 2016 when the summer dance vibes were on the horizon. We wanted to create a song that captured both our ethereal Grumby vibe and the heavy-hitting drops popular in today’s music. The result of this is “Stuck,” which turned out to be an interesting collaboration where electronic meets folk.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

This song is part of a larger project called “Changes Part II,” our upcoming EP slated to be released 2/6. We have one more single from this EP called “Ceviche” featuring Heems (ex Das Racist rapper) and a music video that we’ve already wrapped up shooting for. We’re excited about this project and are excited to translate all of these into a live performance setting.

What’s in store for you guys in 2017?

We will be performing alongside Reva Devito of HW&W in her NYC debut on February 10th at the Mercury Lounge. That will be part of a mini tour with her through the Northeast in the second week of February where we will also hit Pittsburgh and DC. We also recently just got an official invitation to perform at SXSW this year, so the coming months will be a lot of preparation for that to ensure we make the best use of our time out there. 2017 has so far gotten off to a great start for us and we’re looking forward to what the future has in store.

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