Chatterbox: R. NOOR

Ahead of her upcoming single ‘Illusionary Love’ we chatted to R. NOOR; she gave us some more info on her musical journey, future content and what’s on the horizon.

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Rikke and I’m a 26 year old singer/songwriter & guitarplayer from Denmark. Under the name R.NOOR, I’ve played approximately 200 shows throughout the last 4 years and supported great Danish artists like Mads Langer and Tina Dico, played festivals, headline shows and small coffeehouse acoustics as well. I really love playing live, there’s nothing like it. In 2013 I was named “Songwriter of the Year” by Band Battle at Skraaen and “Danish Songwriter of the Year” by Akustikken in Aarhus, Denmark.

Where did the new single come from?

“Illusionary Love” was written during a time of constantly finding myself searching for something I couldn’t quite point at and say: “there it is”. In contrast to that, I never doubted the fact that I knew exactly what it looked and felt like. I wanted the lyrics to reflect that state of mind. 

Sonically, I’ve been working on my guitarsound for a long time; a wide, atmospheric and raw sound – straight outta Scandinavia. “Illusionary Love” is one of the first songs of mine to really embrace that sound. Furthermore, I have to say that my two bandmates, Peter and Lasse, really made the song soar with their take on it.

While writing this song in particular, I was inspired a lot by Jeff Buckley and I remember listening to “Last Goodbye” over and over again at the time. That song always seems to come back to me, regardless of how long it’s been away. In my opinion, Buckley was the master of dynamics and by listening to him since my early teens, dynamics have become essential to me as a musician. 

What other content is in the pipeline?

Following the release of “Illusionary Love” there’s a tour coming up with my band and a couple of solo shows. I’m really excited about these gigs and I can’t wait to play with my boys again. Later this year, I have another single ready to be released and yet another tour. Additionally, I’m going to do more co-writing and recording sessions with other upcoming artists this year.

What’s on the horizon for you?

With “Illusionary Love” and the 2. single, I’m sincerely hoping for more critical acclaim and a wider audience throughout Denmark and hopefully some parts of Scandinavia. Like almost any other upcoming artist, what I’m working for (and humbly dreaming of) is a deal with the right record label. That said, I acknowledge the many positive sides of being an independent artist, with the ability to release music myself and I’m learning a lot by doing so. I work hard to accomplish my goals and if you ask me, it should always begin with the single most important thing: writing a great song. What comes after that, only hard work, practice and how far you are willing to push your luck can tell. 

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