MADJO’s news single ‘Women’ celebrates strength, connection & lineage

MADJO’s latest single ‘Women’ is a stunning tribute to the sacred feminine. The French-Swiss-Senegalese artist invites listeners to join her in the goddess circle to celebrate motherhood, sisterhood, and the unbreakable strength of women. Inspired by Maya Angelou’s Letter to My Daughter, the track is a powerful reminder of the lineage, differences, and legacies that shape the feminine experience.

Her exploratory pop sound combines indie-rock, soul, folk, and electronic elements to create a warm and lively atmosphere. The singer-songwriter’s magnetic voice and stage presence reflect the sensibility and harmony of her inner world and the nature that surrounds her.

Directed by Mai Hua, the music video for ‘Women’ captures the essence of the track. A group of women of all ages, including mothers and daughters, come together in an unchoreographed moment of self-expression and joy. The visuals perfectly complement the message of the song, creating a powerful and inspiring experience.

‘Women’ will feature on MADJO’s upcoming album, Rebellion, due out in 2024.

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