Mini Melon Mix Ups: Rosie Darling feat. Boy In Space, Carmen Nichole, Sara Rae, Virens, Tokio Hotel, viisi feat. Chelsea Collins, Wuzy Bambussy feat. Kat Harrison, Tragicomics, SeineSation, DIIIVA, DOV and SONGER

It’s time for another edition of Min Melon Mix Ups, where we bring you the latest and greatest in new music. From foot-tapping beats to heartwarming melodies, we have it all in this carefully curated selection. Whether you’re in the mood to dance, feel the emotions, or unwind with some indie tunes, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey with our magnificent mix of new music!

Our first addition to this Mini Melon Mix Ups is Rosie Darling’s new single ‘Nail In The Coffin’ is an emotional ballad that captures the pain of a breakup without closure. With dreamy piano and reflective echoes, Rosie’s vocals lay the groundwork for the dialog that ensues between her and featured artist Boy In Space’s bright timbre. Their vocals fuse with complimentary tones, creating a chilling force that perfectly captures the raw emotions of the song. The music video, directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, features stunning visuals of natural beauty and captures the essence of the song, making it a perfect complement to Rosie Darling’s powerful presence.

“I wanted to write a song about a relationship ending on bad terms and needing to walk away from it even when you have unresolved conflict between each other. I think as someone who wants peace and resolution, it’s hard to fully leave something when you don’t feel like they’ve understood you or that you maybe didn’t understand them, and you have to end it in conflict with each other. That’s life sometimes though! We don’t always speak the same languages and sometimes we have to walk away and end things unresolved and that’s painful.”

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Carmen Nichole’s new single ‘Imperfections’ is a soulful and uplifting summer anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their unique qualities. With a blend of R&B, soul, and gospel influences, powerful vocals soar over a catchy beat and melodic instrumentation. The song’s message is both relatable and inspiring, reminding us that our imperfections are what make us beautiful and unique. With a sound reminiscent of iconic artists like Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, Carmen Nichole is an emerging talent to watch in the world of soulful R&B music.

“At some point during our lives, we all have a moment when we reflect on what we perceive as imperfections about ourselves whether that be mental or physical. This song represents what the everyday person goes through whether mentally or physically and we are all not alone. At the end of the day we are beautiful God made you…..YOU!! Your imperfections are what make you who you are.”

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Former Sara ’N’ Junbug member Sara Rae has just released her debut single ‘October’, a charming, heartfelt tribute to her fiancé and the month they first met. With her folky, indie-pop style and delicate vocals, Rae tells the story of finding love during a difficult time and how it has become a constant source of comfort and happiness. The song is beautifully produced, with gentle acoustic guitar and warm, understated percussion creating a soothing atmosphere that perfectly complements the tender lyrics.

“’October’ is the first song that I have written about my fiancé Catriohna, we met each other in October and found each other when we were both experiencing tough times. Even on our first date we just fitted like awkward jigsaw pieces. Almost 4 years later and we are in the same place. She is home to me. So wherever she goes I will be there.”

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Emerging from the ashes of the UK pandemic lockdown, Virens is a duo who found solace in their creativity. Their latest single ‘Submitted To Sin’ is a beautiful and emotional track that showcases the duo’s intimate and vulnerable sound. With delicate guitars and raw, harmonious vocals, the song tells a heartbreaking story of a relationship that is beyond repair, yet impossible to let go of. The stripped-back production, featuring just acoustic guitar and vocals, adds to the rawness and sincerity of the track. It’s clear that Virens pour their hearts and souls into their music.

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With the release of the nostalgic new single ‘When We Were Younger’, the German synth-pop-rock band Tokio Hotel have announced their ‘Beyond The World Tour 2023’ across Europe, beginning in London on April 30th. The band, which includes Bill, Tom, Georg, and Gustav, has been captivating fans for over 15 years with their music and concerts. The tour, which was delayed due to Covid-19, will provide fans with a glimpse into their world with 14 concerts in eight countries across Europe. This single gives a taste of the band’s impressive stage sets, opulent costumes, and perfect sound.

“Finally! The long wait is over and we can’t wait to finally be back on stage. It seemed like an eternity…I’m sure our fans felt the same way. We have been working on the show for months and are currently working on the final setlist together with our fans! Besides the songs of the last 15 years, we also want to perform a lot of new songs from our brand new album ‘2001’. We are incredibly grateful for your loyalty and are looking forward mega on the ‘Beyond The World’ tour to finally celebrate with you again.”

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Los Angeles-based viisi’s single ‘chasing ghosts’ is a haunting and ethereal track featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Chelsea Collins. The atmospheric acoustics and spectral reverbs create a vivid soundscape that captures the visceral and melancholic profile of relationships falling apart. The song leaves a lasting impact with its thought-provoking lyrics and the emotive delivery of viisi and Collins, creating a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion that is hard to forget. ‘chasing ghosts’ is a standout track from the artist’s upcoming EP and a turning point in his career, showcasing his dedication to pushing himself as an artist.

“‘chasing ghosts’ is a turning point in my career. It represents my dedication to keep pushing myself as an artist….we made a beautiful song that perfectly represents our personal struggles with our own relationships falling apart.”

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It’s time for a haunting and pulsating electro-rock anthem that captures the essence of the post-everything age in the shape of ‘Flux’ from Wuzy Bambussy (aka Nikolai Jones). With soaring strings and a sense of existential unease, Jones’ production is nothing short of masterful. The track feels cinematic in scope, creating an intense and awe-inspiring soundscape. Featuring the captivating vocals of Kat Harrison, ‘Flux; showcases Wuzy Bambussy’s versatility and ability to create a compelling and genre-defying sound. More to come in 2023!

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Tragicomics’ latest single ‘Stranger Things’ showcases the band’s ability to effortlessly blend alt-country and pop sensibilities. The track’s upbeat tempo and swinging vocal line are immediately catchy, but it’s the subtle nuances in the song’s arrangement that really make it stand out. The lush orchestral break in the outro provides a welcome shift in dynamics, adding an extra layer of emotion to the introspective lyrics. ‘Stranger Things’ is a well-crafted and sonically rich offering from Tragicomics, highlighting the band’s versatility and their ability to seamlessly blend different genres to create something truly unique.

“Stranger Things is a song about paralysis. Paralysis through indecision; waiting around for a change to come, and being unwilling – or unable – to make that change yourself. Nights spent staring into the sky, waiting for an answer that will never arrive. Realising your own faults and that there is no overcoming them. But, you know, it’s also a playful, slightly daft country song. There are two sides to everything.”

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SeineSation’s project showcases a fusion of genres, from folk to pop, rock, and indie, yet all held together by her lo-fi vocal production that emphasizes the beauty of imperfection. The newest release is the Glimpse EP, from which the standout track ‘Birdcage’ is a touching and introspective ballad that speaks to the universal struggle of self-discovery and finding one’s path in life. The Perpignan-based artist’s emotive lyrics are a testament to her prowess as a songwriter, and her ability to connect with her audience on a deeper level is truly remarkable.

“Growing up we’re told what defines “success” and how to live life, however, I find that it’s so subjective. We each have our own happiness that we’re chasing and it becomes hard to truly figure that out when you grow up within a mold of preconceived notions and restrictions. Birdcage is essentially an analogy to being freed mentally and gaining the ability to decipher who you want to be.”

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We have the MEGA new track from DIIIVA next with her brand new single ‘React’. The Russian artist is bringing the heat in this chopped up, fiery and creative new track. Sure to get your attention from the get go, ‘DIIIVA is a master of her craft, chopping, changing and redirecting the energy of the track throughout. Intense, immersive and massive, ‘React’ is an absolute winner.

“The creative process can be unpredictable, but that’s part of what makes it so exciting. It’s not always easy to know how things will turn out, but I’ve learned to embrace that uncertainty and trust my instincts. When I’m making music, I always try to keep an open mind and let my creativity lead the way. ‘REACT’ is a reminder that inspiration can come from unexpected places, and that trying new things can lead to exciting new discoveries.”DIIIVA

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Taking it over to the realms of the remix now with DOC’s take on the gorgeous ‘Something beautiful’ by Chinwe. Bittersweet and perfectly showcasing the darker side to the track, DOV threads his eclectic, alternative style production through the soft, soothing sounds of Chinwe’s ethereal yet rich vocals. Infusing some high percussive elements and hyper pop sounds, DOV’s interpretation is moody, intriguing and utterly encapsulating. A remix done with complete sophistication and innovation.

“Chinwe’s original song has something “sweet and smooth” about it and the production is more on the chill vibe. When me and Chinwe talked about doing a remix for the song I knew that I wanted to give it a whole new interpretation “DOV’s way” and through that show the power of production and how a different production can take the song to a totally different place.”DOV

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Ending things on an absolute HIGH and with the perfect project to get you hyped and ready for the weekend, (don’t say we aren’t good to you) we have the incredible new album ‘SKALA’ from UK Rap artist Songer who is currently taking the scene by absolute storm. Having sold out his UK tour in as little as two hours, it’s clear to see that Songer is set for Stardom. Take our advice & don’t sleep on this almighty album! Theres no better time to be a Songer fan, so get to it!

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