Purple Pop: Madisyn Gifford, Lontalius, Alexa Valentino, Welshly Arms, Becca James, Alexander Stewart, Jamie Turner, Lola Lennox

In the ancient world, purple was originally the colour reserved for the imperial families of Rome, Persia and Egypt and while it’s no longer elitist, there’s still something special to be had to the red-meets-blue hue. Our Purple Pop selection showcases the most luxurious, beautiful and unmissable pop music finds for our ears to yours.

Despite only just embarking on the mind-spinning journey that is your 20s, Madisyn Gifford has already released an EP and a follow-up LP. Now, she’s here with new single ‘Prettiest Bitch’, a heart-on-sleeve pop track explores the desire to be accepted despite one’s flaws. It’s a copacetic mix of indie-folk sound with a pop twist, with Madisyn’s introspective songwriting at its core. It’s no wonder that this young musician’s creative force is already proving to be captivating for her growing fan base. Our verdict… the rising Vancouver pop artist has all the makings to be the next Taylor Swift.

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Brand new today, New Zealand-based singer-songwriter Lontalius has just released his latest single ‘Right There’. Produced by Jeff Kleinman, the track features delicate melodies and intimate vocals. The song expresses the desire to give everything to someone and be there for them at any time. The 23-year-old artist explains that the track’s lyrics were inspired by the instrumental’s heartbreaking feel and we suppose from there… the rest was destined to be.

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It’s great to see artists using their platform to shed light on important issues, and Alexa Valentino’s new single ‘borderline’ is a perfect example of this. By sharing her personal experiences with borderline personality disorder, she is not only raising awareness about this often-misunderstood condition but also providing comfort and hope to others who may be struggling. The emotional journey that the song takes listeners on, combined with the poignant lyrics and beautiful instrumentation, creates a powerful and moving piece of music. It’s important to remember that seeking help for mental health issues is a sign of strength, and that no one has to suffer alone.

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Lifted from their latest album Wasted Words & Bad Decisions, Welshly Arms’ bring some attention to their triumphant focus track ‘World is Watching’. This big stadium anthem showcases their return to the raw rock n’ roll roots that the band was built on, while also highlighting their growth and maturity as musicians over the years of touring. The song is a powerful number with soaring vocals, gritty guitars, and a driving rhythm. Welshly Arms has proven themselves to be a force in the world of pop-and-rock crossover.

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Kick-starting a series of releases this year, ‘Innocent Days’ is the first of many from the London-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Becca James. The song is a combination of piano, strings, synths, and soulful vocals that highlight the artist’s honest and fierce songwriting style. The artist’s goal is to encourage emotional exploration and self-acceptance through her music, reflecting on her own “shadow self.” ‘Innocent Days’ is a beautiful and haunting track that will captivate listeners with its raw emotion and powerful lyrics.

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Following the hit single ‘Blame’s On Me’, Alexander Stewart has returned with a worthy follow-up ‘Leave Me In The Dark’. The song tells the story of a toxic relationship that ends with betrayal, leaving the protagonist ghosted and devastated. The accompanying music video shows the artist alongside a couple struggling to communicate and navigate a dark, empty house. The power imbalance between them grows, symbolizing the pain of the relationship’s breakdown. This release also comes with the news that Alexander Stewart will also embark on a UK and EU tour in May 2023, starting in Glasgow and ending in the Netherlands.

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Now, let’s turn things down a bit for Australian Jamie Turner’s single debut, ‘Come Back And See Me’. It’s an impressive accomplishment that he wrote, recorded, and produced the song entirely in his home recording studio in Perth, using vintage analog recording equipment to capture the essence of folk pop records from the late 60s and 70s. Fellow music nerds might also be interested to know that he collaborated with Detriot-based musician Via Mardot to record the string arrangement. Through this debut, it’s apparent that Jamie Turner is dedicated to creating a warm and characteristic sound in his music, using his favorite records as inspiration.

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We’re wrapping up on a real treat in this week’s edition of Purple Pop thanks to Lola Lennox, a singer, songwriter, and musician, who has just released her highly anticipated debut EP, Dreamer, along with music video for the title-track. The EP features five songs, produced by Braeden Wright and executively produced by Annie Lennox, and showcases Lola’s soaring vocals and catchy melodic songwriting. The single ‘Dreamer’ is an uplifting yet contemplative song that reflects on the artist’s dreams and memories, and the accompanying music video captures Lola’s life chapters through photographs and home video recordings. Through the EP, single and music video, the musician generously offers a story of her life.

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