Amen Sioux wows in indie electro banger ‘Useless’

Mysterious Amen Sioux offers a new tasteful and eclectic number. ‘Useless’ is an excitingly introspective track that showcases an unmatched emotional depth. The song starts with a simple, yet effective guitar riff that paints a pensive yet playful energy. The vocals are lightly ragged and troubled, which perfectly complements the ornate melody.

Lyrically, the track deals with self-doubt, regret, and the turbulence of heartbreak. Haven’t we all felt like “a ghost in a crowded room” or like we’re “reaching for the stars but falling to the ground.”? Yes, Sioux hits home, hard. His delivery is effortless and authentic, and we’re in the feels, but we’re also in the dancing mood with this one – it’s the best of both worlds. 

The production is minimalistic, the vocals take centre stage, and the instruments fit like a glove. The unexpected synth breakdown after the first chorus feels so thrilling juxtaposed to the simplicity of the guitar and beat. And that piano interlude at the end! That’s where the emotion culminates and stops time, juggling melodies and emotions up in the air – magical!

‘Useless’ is a powerful track that showcases Amen Sioux’s enviable artistic diversity. It’s a song that resonates with those who have struggled with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Essentially if you’re human, this song’s for you. 

“ ‘Useless’ was inspired by my troubled relationship with my girlfriend, the way I felt during those days ,and the song mines the turbulence of that headspace.I sashay between relief, regret, longing, and resentment zooming in on particular feelings and moments in my tale of modern heartbreak and whirlwind courtship.” – Amen Sioux

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