Julianna Laine asks ‘Where Did All My Friends Go’?

Julianna Laine’s inquisitive new pop single ‘Where Did All My Friends Go’ is the perfect pairing for lockdown loneliness. The playful and carefree melodies of the song are sure to lift any listeners weary heart.

Not only do we have a bright new perspective on solitude through the music, but Laine also shares a hometown video that takes you on a tour of this quiet corner of Canada. While this singer-songwriter may be distant from friends, like many of us right now, she looks on this time as an opportunity to reconnect with herself and make some great music.

Speaking of the new single, Laine says:

“This song is a commentary on modern friendships, relationships and mental health. These days, especially with social distancing there can be a weird dynamic of not knowing what your friends are thinking. It’s easy to judge at the surface level, but you never know what someone else might be feeling. People say things like ‘we should catch up’ and they don’t mean it or ‘everything is fine’ and it’s not always fine. The song itself sort of puts a fake persona. It might sound like a ‘bop’, but then you listen a little closer.”

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