MYRY will have you ‘Stuck In A Loop’ with tender new release.

London based singer-songwriter MYRY features new hypnotic single ‘Stuck In a Loop’. Displaying a hushed, pulsating beat, tender piano chords, subtle, silky, softened vocals and the catchiest of hooks, this new track does exactly what the title suggests. With just a touch of Florence + The Machine nestled comfortably within the vocals, they are perfectly positioned amongst the faint and muted electronics throughout.

The moody, irresistible melodies combine to create a mesmerising, alluding ambience to this pop induced track.

“It is a song about impossible love spirals. You know you need to end it, but you are addicted to each other. You know it’s wrong, but some part of you thinks it’s worth it anyways.” – MYRY.


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