Dance Collective: Tom Rasmussen, London Topaz, Casha Mour, Bjorn Rydhog, Brown Mage, Harry Nathan, GoGo Penguin, 44 Ardent, Rivo, Bronze Whale x Primo The Alien

Here’s the latest a round of dance-worthy, electro-fuelled tracks for you lovely lot to check out! As always, we keep out doors open for all kinds of electronic music and that shows in the eclectic mix below.

Tom Rasmussen’s debut album, Body Building, is a powerful and inclusive collection of fifteen tracks that challenge societal preconceptions of gender non-conforming people. Lifted off the record we have ‘Look At Me’, a piano house-infused pop standout that taps into deeply personal experience of self-acceptance and freedom. Rasmussen’s passion for creating a safe and inclusive space shines through in their music, a testament to their decade-long journey of exploring the (de)construction of their alter-ego.

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London Topaz is back again with their latest single ‘Promises’ is a captivating blend of indie-dance, electro-house, and alternative-pop influences. The pulsing beats, lush percussions, and atmospheric synths create a hypnotic backdrop for Zoe A’dore’s golden vocal performance. The lyrics explore the theme of seeking validation from someone who isn’t there, adding an emotional layer to the song’s already mesmerizing sound. With the recent signing to Australian record label Sweat It Out and promises of new material, London Topaz is proving exactly why we can’t get enough of this rising star.

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‘First Life’ by Casha Mour is a captivating return to the darker roots of his music, while also showcasing the more synth-focused sound that he has been exploring in his recent EP, ‘Ephemeral’. The lo-fi electronica producer has created a distinctive soundscape that draws listeners in, combining hypnotic beats with haunting synth melodies. With his previous collaboration with Youth 83 gaining over 3,000 listeners on Spotify and features on MrSuicideSheep mixes, ‘First Life’ is sure to be another hit for Casha Mour. This single proves that he is a producer to watch out for in the world of electronic music.

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Bjorn Rydhog’s latest release, ‘New Day Coming (Austin Leeds Remix)’, is a jubilant and uplifting pop hit that is sure to get listeners on their feet. Produced in collaboration with former Avicii collaborator Austin Leeds, the remix continues Rydhog’s foray into the pop genre with singles such as ‘Just to Be with You’ and ‘Let’s Not Get Old’. The celebratory and hopeful nature of the track is perfectly captured in the official music video, which adds another layer of visual and auditory delight to the experience. With its infectious beat and inspiring lyrics, ‘New Day Coming (Austin Leeds Remix)’ is the perfect musical companion for navigating the challenges of life and finding joy in the journey.

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Brown Mage’s latest single ‘Aero’ is a dazzling display of his musical prowess. The Bay Area-based producer weaves together a unique blend of electronic dance, pop, disco, trap, and lo-fi elements to create an atmospheric pop song that’s sure to leave listeners spellbound. With 90s-inspired synths serving as the foundation, ‘Aero’ takes listeners on a nostalgic trip through time, while Brown Mage’s signature touch adds a fresh, modern twist. The track showcases his talent for blending different genres and styles seamlessly. ‘Aero’ is a testament to Brown Mage’s ability to spread magic through music and good vibes, and it’s a must-listen for anyone looking for a unique and refreshing take on dance-pop music.

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Another familiar Australian act has popped up in our latest Dance Collective playlist, Harry Nathan with his new Cosmic Perspective EP. It’s a dreamy and mesmerizing collection of four tracks that blend lo-fi house with psychedelic undertones and hypnotic rhythms, and a standout is the celestial title-track. Although it sounds like a song captured in outersapce, Nathan’s craft is rooted in a deep respect for the Indigenous Australian culture and nature. Throughout you’ll hear recordings of live wildlife and didgeridoo that give an organic and earthy edge to the electronic foray. It’s such an immersive and tactile listen.

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Purple Melon regulars GoGo Penguin have returned with ‘Parasite’, the track from their upcoming album. As with all the tracks we’ve featured on the blog, including ‘Glimmerings’ and ‘Erased by Sunlight’, this one showcases the outfit’s prowess at creating experimental sounding electronic music with just piano, drums and bass. The track also returns to the trio’s original and truest lineup, emphasizing their interlocking skills and ability to layer lines while weaving them together. The song’s martial drumming propels the trio in familiar directions, reminding us of Gogo Penguin’s core competency. The accompanying music video, directed by Jordan Copeland and was filmed in London and Manchester, reflecting the song’s dynamic and multi-layered nature, as well as the project’s city-bound roots.

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Regularly featured name 44 Ardent is the rising Australian producer who never lets us down on the quality of their electronic creations, especially honing in on those elements of indie-dance and lo-fi house music. Last year, we picked out several tracks from his intothedeep EP and now the music-maker is back with another light-hearted and airy dance single, titled ‘far gone’. The minimalist, bouncy beats and ethereal textures are designed to replicate the sensation of gazing across the ocean in a moment of meditation.

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RIVO and Jose Lucas have come together to produce a stunning deep-house track called ‘Feel (The Way)’. With a gentle introduction of electric guitar, the song carries through with an uplifting dance hook that will have you swaying and moving along with its rhythm. RIVO, at only 23-years-old, has achieved incredible success with over 10 million streams from 10 singles signed to some of the world’s biggest labels. His latest track, ‘Break You Down’, entered the Top 200 German airplay charts, and his music video for the song has been picked up by international TV networks. With such achievements under his belt, it’s no surprise that RIVO has already performed at major French festivals and is already announced on several festival line-ups for 2023. ‘Feel (The Way)’ is a heart-pumping love anthem that will surely leave you feeling good.

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Brought together by the pandemic in Austin, Bronze Whale and Primo The Alien release the electrifying new single, ‘Happy Go Lover’. The unique energy and style that Primo The Alien brings to the table, with her powerful vocal range and love for the 80s, pushed Bronze Whale in new directions, resulting in a song that perfectly blends their styles. This song emphasises each artist’s love for singing and songwriting, leading them to create a whole new sound that seamlessly blends chill vocals, indie-electronic elements, and hip-hop percussion. With ‘Happy Go Lover’, Bronze Whale and Primo The Alien have created a unique and unforgettable listening experience.

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