Will Evans shares his journey with fatherhood in album ‘After the Burnt Out Sun’

Introducing Rhode Island-based, singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Will Evans and his endearing new album ‘After the Burnt Out Sun’. Best known for being a part of New England Roots Rock band Barefoot Truth. Four albums and 50M+ streams later, he has embarked on a solo journey, releasing three full length albums and performing for sold out crowds across the US and Europe.

Now he vulnerably details his journey with fatherhood, his love of the planet and everything in between in ‘After the Burnt Out Sun’. A gorgeous collection of songs which dive deep into the vast spectrum of emotion, such as pain, joy, lust, love, anxiety, fear, peace and faith. This album marks his most sensitive share to date, showcasing a truly authentic expedition beginning from the life changing moment his daughter was born in Summer 2019.

A sophisticated collection, Will Evans dissects many of the challenges, thoughts and fears we may experience during our stay on this planet. Relating to his own personal issues, he traverses the crave and comparison cycles, battles career challenges and even his health struggles.

Eventually finding a light at the end of the tunnel and way to navigate through his anxiety by getting support, this experience then led to a new sense of inner peace and a restoration in faith, trusting the process and allowing himself to enjoy the ride. All of which and more you can find embedded within the veils of this true labour of love and incredible collection of music.

Listen to ‘After the Burnt Out Sun’ here:

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