Standout producer Super Duper returns with double-side release ‘Silver Lining’ and ‘Seasons’

Super Duper’s latest double-side release, ‘Silver Lining’ and ‘Seasons’, is a stunning showcase of the artist’s talent for crafting innovative and captivating electronic music.

A-track ‘Silver Lining’ is an upbeat dance track that combines modern production with a touch of nostalgia, resulting in a 90s-inspired sound that’s sure to get listeners on their feet. Daniella Mason’s vocals are a perfect match for the energetic beat, creating a seamless blend of melody and rhythm.

On the other hand, B-side ‘Seasons’ takes a slower, more introspective approach, drawing inspiration from 90s hip-hop and fusing it with Super Duper’s unique style. The result is a laid-back track that’s perfect for moments of reflection and relaxation.

Super Duper’s ability to seamlessly blend elements of different genres is on full display in this double single release, further cementing his position as one of the most exciting electronic names in the scene. With a Clio award already under his belt and collaborations with big names in electronic music, it’s clear that Super Duper is a creator in every sense of the word. Fans of electronic music won’t want to miss this must-listen release.

“Silver Lining is my take on a 90s dance song. I didn’t want to overthink it and made sure to let the vocalist take the lead as much as possible since I loved it so much. Sometimes the production needs to be the hero but my job on this song was to be the support, get out of the way, and make sure you can keep dancing. Seasons is trying to add a different flavor to what you would expect from my music. Still happy and feel good but at a lot slower tempo.”

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