Indie Kids: Civil Wray, Jaded Jane, Blue Painted Flag, Tim Barr & Lato

Our Indie Kids playlist celebrates everything on the indie spectrum, whether that’s rock, folk or pop, because we firmly believe in taking a little walk off the beaten track every once in a while.

Kick starting todays edition of Indie Kids, we have the Indie Pop, Art Rock instalment ‘Sparkle’ from the powerful, ethereal, singer-songwriter and all round artist Civil Wray. Debuting a new sound direction with the first single from her upcoming EP, ‘Sparkle’ exudes the confidence, inspiration and sound design akin to the likes of Bowie, Florence and The Machine and Freya Ridings. With a sound so encapsulating it could fill the most opulent of halls, ‘Sparkle’ conjures vivid imagery of a Hollywood glamour ballroom, with Civil Wray rightfully taking centre stage.

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Comprising of brothers Axel and Adam, Jaded Jane are the Swedish Indie pop, alternative duo writing unique and emotive music that touch on the deeper layers of humanity and what makes us human. New single ‘The Distance Between Us’ is a perfect example of the way they eloquently bare their souls in order to connect with their listeners. Detailed over soft and soothing vocals, Jaded Jane have a knack for writing lyricism that speaks on current issues, rallying people together and helping to make them feel less alone.

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Hailing again from Sweden, Blue Painted Flag is up on our radar next with a sugar coated dose of Indie, shoegaze and Dream pop merging together in new single ‘Daisy and Dandelions’. Light, summery and soft, this new offering is uplifting, gentle and embedded with the feel good factor. Conjuring beautiful visions of warmer weather, lazy days laying in grassy fields, watching the clouds pass by without a care in the world and no concept of time. ‘Daisy and Dandelions’ is a welcome reminder that spring is just around the corner, so let it transport you there.

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Next up we enter the dreamy, Indie pop/rock realm of Tim Barr and newest single ‘Secrets’. Dusted with floaty, feather like vocals and delivered with haze infused, gritty guitar and softly muted drums, ‘Secrets’ has a soaring and anthemic chorus that encourages you to throw your hands up and sing out into the cosmos. With sophisticated lyricism, ‘Secrets’ is dark, edgy and alluring making an exceptional new addition to his discography, one we would pay VERY good money to see live.

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To round off today’s Indie Kids feature, we have the formidable LATO and their new single and video for ‘Karisma Ape’. Sitting somewhere in the universe of Alt/Indie Rock, Psychedelic and Grunge, ‘Karisma Ape’, is a melting pot of genre oozing with vibes. Laid back and relaxed, LATO expertly play in the subtitles, ingeniously weaving threads of world music, alongside hazy electronica. ‘Karisma Ape’ exudes a humble confidence, with hints of Gorillas all wrapped up in a nonchalant, atmospheric anthem.

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