Brooklyn’s Malik English delivers his positive approach to life in new single ‘High Road’

Introducing for the first time on Purple Melon, Malik English is a 22-year old Trinidadian, Nigerian and Canadian artist and producer from New York’s famous Brooklyn area. Immersed in a creatively rich neighborhood and with a culturally diverse background, English was drawn to artist expressions and music soon enough became his natural medium. In addition to being a personal project, this young artist also believes in his role as a young a black creative on a mission to create freely and disrupt any preconceived notions of what artists that look like him should do or the music they should make.

The latest release from this noble ambition is ‘High Road’. Although brief at around two minutes, this track is sincerely profound, one that takes the listener on a journey through Mailk English’s approach to life. The overall positive mentality is reflected in the vibrant instrumentation made of jovial drum beats, understated guitar notes and dreamy backing vocals. Leading the way is the artist’s emotive voice, dipped in R&B melodies and expressing his heartfelt lyrics. Displaying his dynamic talents, Malik English switches between these R&B vocals and contemporary rap that further compliments the melodic, catchy and rhythmic style of ‘High Road’.

“The record’s about trying to maintain maturity and a positive outlook when people and the world are testing you. Things get to a point where trying to be the bigger person becomes toxic because you let anything slide. I felt like if I kept taking the high road I’d end up in the clouds. My music’s therapeutic for me, it helps me get things out i wouldn’t be comfortable saying otherwise.”

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