Hip-Hop Recs: Xay Dryz, LAV.ISH, KUR, Dax

It’s time to spin the records of our hip-hop and rap recommendations. These songs are at the cutting-edge of the genre from some of the globe’s best underground acts, so pay attention kids, you’re about to lear something.

Kicking off the Hip-Hops Recs playlist with theme of ambition and self-motivation we have Xay Dryz’s bold new offering ‘Can’t Explain’. The Canadian rapper and producer employs fierce hip-hop bars and icy trap production to create an elemental new track that mirrors this young artist’s unwillingness to give up and perseverance against the odds. Both the story-driven narrative and the hedonistic mix of synths and bass lay out the rapper’s plans, goals and dreams that might have already become reality, but maintaining the trajectory is the energetic push that you’ll feel here.

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From Los Angeles, the four-piece group LAV.ISH (Carl and Nim on vocals with producers Lucas and Brandon) are all about following their instincts, attention to details and coexistence with imperfection. Even their moniker is punctuated with a meaningful full stop that stands for “don’t over think”. The latest track that’s in keeping with their joint ethos is ‘Red Flags’, with a vibrant and buoyant reminder the some people, places and things are only temporary. It’s got that smooth soulful-pop production, with smokey sax and effortless rap verses that portray the habitual natures of toxic relationships, and the relief once those habits are broken.

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Talented rapper KUR is putting the pedal to the metal this year with his storming new music for ‘Clutch’. This is the standout single from the Philadelphia’s latest mixtape, Loyal To A Fault, out via Meek Mill’s DreamChasers and Roc Nation/Republic Records. His tenacity jumps out of the track with those full throttle lyrics delivered with so much passion over head-knocking beats and crisp production. This track is KUR’s testament to the life he’s built for himself, emphasised by the bold performance in the new Carters Vision directed video.

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Canadian newcomer Dax is a 26-year-old artist who is currently building his project from the ground up. The latest product of his hard work is ‘The Devil’s Calling’, a high-drama hip-hop song that was created after a supernatural experience the artist has during a bout of sleep paralysis in December 2020. As soon as day broke, Dax created this song to relay that life-changing event and to share words of encouragement to others. It’s such a potent and powerful sound, pierced by choir-esque synth breaks and heartbeat rhythms. Listening to this track, we feel like we’re right along the artist in his moment of sleep paralysis.

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