Producer aboywithabag adds South Indian flavour to iconic house beats in ‘Club Chennai’

Our modern, interconnected world might have its fair share of problems, but there’s something so magical about being able to experience parts of another’s culture and everyday experience through the internet. The release of aboywithabag’s new single ‘Club Chennai’ brings the sounds and rhythms of Chennai’s taste in music to listener’s in every corner of the world. The South Indian-American producer presents an irresistible pattern of trendy electronic beats.

‘Club Chennai’ is such an addictive and contagious dance track that takes listeners on a journey through Bollywood and southern Indian sonic flavors, all while delivering a sense of excitement and admiration for house music. It’s an exciting song that’s perfect for festivals, clubs, and parties of the upcoming spring/summer season.

“With “Club Chennai”, I set out to create a club track that combines the essence of old-school Bollywood with modern house music. It started with an iconic sample of one of my favorite Bollywood Classics ever “Muqabala “ and I built the track to let the sample shine the record quickly became a crowd favorite at my shows around the world in 2022. I’m so glad it found a home at DIM MAK and excited for everyone to hear it.”

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