veggi and Rome Castille serve up hypnotic vibe track ‘TASTE’

Our boy veggi is back again and rocking some purple lighting which is making us Melons especially happy. Following up on that spicy collaboration with ‘BLISS’, the promising indie-dance talent has linked up with another one-to-watch Rome Castille for this unmissable new track, ‘TASTE’.

This addictive listen starts with simple raw beats that set the grooves into motion for Rome Castille’s seductive flow. These slick verses lead into the smooth pop-leaning choruses when that dynamic production begins to shine and sparkle with a late 00s boyband sensibility. It’s a hypnotic and funky track that further proves that veggi has got his finger right on the pulse of where dance music is heading.

Check out ‘TASTE’ below and keep your eyes and ears open for veggi’s upcoming EP.

“During my first session with Rome, we were just messing around with some beats I had cooked up, creating demos and whatnot. When I showed him the TASTE beat, the ideas just went flying. By the end of that session, we basically created the whole song, and with a few follow-up sessions to polish it up, we knew we had a banger on our hands. He is so talented and it was so awesome getting to do this record with him.”

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