Brookefield Line deliver instant ‘Pick Me Up’ with debut single

Introducing Brookfield Line, the 4-piece Rock band situated in St. John’s, Newfoundland and their debut single ‘Pick Me Up’.

Captivated within the first few moments, Brookefield Line has a sound that proves to be instantly recognisable, bathed in lead singer Curtis Harding’s raw, gritty and emotive tone. Layered with texture, the melodic pace undulates creating huge dynamic and a solid sound as a whole. As the drums slice through the track, they harbour an immense energy thats echoed by the guitar motif’s and piano chords throughout.

Much as the name suggest’s, this debut single is an instant ‘Pick Me Up’ and showcases Brookefield Line’s talents and advanced take on Rock music as a whole.

We love rock music, and all we want is for people to listen to our music and feel some emotion from it. Whether it jumps them into overdrive and pumps them up to start their day or relaxes them after having a stressful day. At the end of the day this is the main goal. Getting emotion from an audience on an international level.” – Brookefield Line

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