Andrew Ash reveals new pop hit ‘I Think I’m Ready for Love’

‘I Think I’m Ready For Love’ is the new high energy, infectious new pop single from pop powerhouse Andrew Ash. Flooded with ear-worm melodies and saturated in that glorious feel good flavour, this newest addition is an 80s influenced wonder which is a welcomed addition to our Party playlists.

Oozing with playful synths, they create the perfect backdrop for Andrew’s shiny and captivating vocals. Pumped with a driving drum beat, the percussion really helps to keep the track moving whilst injecting a groove laden rhythm thats impossible not to tap your toe, or wiggle a hip to.

A glorious fusion of contemporary pop and old school 80’s vibes, ‘I Think I’m Ready For Love’ is an absolute bop with a fab music video, not to be missed!

The chorus just formed naturally, without a lot of thought, and it wasn’t based on anything relevant in my life, until I started working on the verses. I dated a lot in my 20’s, kissed a bunch of frogs, sabotaged my own relationships, felt an insane amount of heartbreak, feared commitment, I was all over the place. I then found someone who changed how I treated relationships, they made me a better person, they challenged me, they were the real deal, and they made me want to give up on my old ways, try harder, and lean into the commitment that I was so afraid of.” – Andrew Ash

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