Blair West delivers wondrous sophomore single ‘Rabbit Holes’

Hailing from Brooklyn, songwriting fairy Blair West presents brand new track ‘Rabbit Holes’ – a magical and cloudy spectacle of sound which proves that simplicity is an extremely effective approach one can take to communicate sincerely and lovingly. 

Supported by soft vocal textures and intertwined with a gentle and rounded guitar riff, West’s gleaming vocals delineate a fantastical melody. With her charming feminine energy, she uses organic tones to enchant the listener.

“This song brings together the most personal pieces of me as an artist. The lyrics, which were some of the first I ever wrote, originally lived in a poem of mine: ‘if you leave me, I’m coming to.’ It was meant as a cheeky expression of my love for my fiancé — maybe a little creepy, maybe a little extra, but most definitely romantic. As if “hopelessly devoted to you” was remixed with a bit of sass and enigma. 

I wanted to tell a love story that people could relate to, but incorporate the little eccentricities that made mine special, like my love for astrology and my years in Brooklyn. 

As far as the sound, the song was originally a more upbeat ballad, but I decided to slow it down so the lyrics could breathe, and that’s when it all clicked. I wrote the simple guitar lick you hear throughout and the whole thing came together in just a few minutes. I decided to title it ‘rabbit holes,’ which is a favourite expression of mine, and I thought it reflected the song perfectly. An Alice in Wonderland-esque fairytale. A love song through the looking glass.”  –  Blair West

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