Dance Collective: Merci Marine, AAOM x Cari J, Nicky Romero x Norma Jean Martine, Corey LeRue, & Per Nord feat. Xtina Louise

Who ever said that a Wednesday wasn’t a good day for a boogie?! We certainly think that any day is worth whacking on the tunes and having a little party, whether that’s by yourself or with some friends, at work or at home. Enjoy these crackin’ electronic tracks!

Coming straight in hot with the energy that we need to pick up is ‘Melon Dew’, which is the hopping track from the Californian creative house Poster Child Art Factory and Team PlugPlay who have come together with break-through artist Merci Marine. This beat-fuelled tune is truly a journey, from the laidback vibes a the start, through to bassy energy, before that moon-lit trap kicks in. Throughout we follow the enigmatic artist on her hedonistic travels through the night.

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For more pleasure-seeking vibes, let’s flip it over to music-maker AAOM and vocalist Cari J for their new collaboration ‘Mercy’, which they describe as “a journey through a night of partying after a bad breakup”. The deep house beats here are absolutely deadly and only meant for the early hours when all rules and inhibitions go out of the window.

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‘I Hope That It Hurts’ is a chart and club ready single that’s the result of true collaboration. When dance music veteran Nicky Romero was present with the demo of this track, he instantly fell in love, but knew it would take some fine-tuning to get it closer to his distinct sound while remaining true to the original. The result is a warm, playful, pop-leaning dance track with Norma Jean Martine’s powerful and soulful at its core.

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Next up we have this uplifting pop and dance crossover from Canada’s Corey LeRue, which takes us right to the heart of club culture. Listeners will find an irresistible rhythm, speaker-shaking bass and some old-school vocal clips which add a nice point of contrast to the slick voice of Deep Vice.

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At ambient end of the electronic spectrum, we find Swedish producer Per Nord who recently released the polished single ‘Drown’. You’ll be lulled into this track by the bubbling synths and pulsating beats, while guest vocalist Xtina Louise uses her soaring vocals to express the song’s escapist intent, “I just wanna get lost tonight.” That energy is carried on with choral keys and the non-stop rhythm.

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