The Afrobeat Special: Raybekah, King Promise feat. Omah Lay, & P-Square

After a few choice afrobeat and afropop tracks appearing across the blog, we’ve been sent some fantastic tunes from the genre and so we thought it high time for a full playlist. This might be a one off, but let’s go for it! Here we have The Afrobeat Special!

Raybekah’s empowering song ‘EX BOYFRIEND’ has already become a viral sensation across TikTok and so it’s the perfect track to get us all hyped at the top of this list. The Nigerian star has been making music since she was 15-years-old and that flawless professionalism shines through on this infectious afro-pop track. Over heavy bass, dexterous beats and a soulful guitar, Raybekah’s confidently voice takes centre stage as she shows her ex exactly what he’s missing.

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Next up we’ve got a more downtempo moment from Ghana’s talented King Promise, whose persuasive and smooth voice slides over an über-modern set of clicking, chopping and bopping beats of ’10 Toes’. The afro-fusion rhythm is dance inducing, but it’s more like a slow grind that’s perfect for winding the night down. Listeners will also catch the presence of Nigerian artist Omah Lay, whose distinct flow fits right into this twilight afro-beat track. ’10 Toes’ is from King Promise’s 5 Star album.

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Those familiar with the Nigerian music scene will surely know of P-Square, the country’s eminent sibling music makers who have been on hiatus for five years – until now! Peter and Paul Okoye are back with a bang with ‘Jaiye (Ihe Geme)’. It’s a feel-good banger that’s all about the brother’s ethos for living life to the max. The track bounces of a backing of drums and whistles, while P-Square’s vocal delivery is as good as ever. More than giving us this great party track, the duo have also announced their 100 city worldwide tour, which is already underway from August onwards.

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