Mini Melon Mix Ups: Sam Nitsch, Segan, Win and Woo, Luisa Siorou, Diva Flawless, THISMINORITY and Brenda Montana

Welcome aboard the TUNE TRAIN friends. Yes, that right, it’s time for another wavy round of new music that we’ve been shaking a leg to this week. Join us for some hand picked delights and welcome to the Mini Melon Mix Up.

To kick start us off this week we have new single ‘Follow Me’ from Sam Nitsch. Right off the back of his critically acclaimed album NEOWISE, alternative indie artist Sam Nitsch now dives deep into the often sheep/zombie-like nature of social media and the culture in this new offering ‘Follow Me’. Paired with a lyric video, Sam’s music takes inspiration from the aural aesthetic of films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, with his haunting vocal delivery offering listeners an eerie peek at the ways in which our overwhelming reliance on social media has shaped the lives we lead today. 

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We have drum & bass breakthrough artist, Segan in our line up next with his innovative new track ‘In Your Arms’. Segan aka Sam Segan began making moves in 2020 with a huge remix for artist Tisoki. Onwards and upwards since then he has proven himself as an emerging talent in the D&B, electronic dance music scene. With this new single, Segan surprises fans as he explores realms outside of his usual sound-sphere, showcasing his skills and his musical prowess.

“I’m beyond excited to share my debut single, In Your Arms,” Segan said. “This song begins a new chapter for my artist project where drum & bass and half time intersect with heavy danceable moments and emotional, memorable writing. In Your Arms is meant to scratch an itch you didn’t know was there and is the embodiment of where the Segan project is headed.”Segan

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We have an extra special one next, the long awaited, highly anticipated full debut album project ‘Ten Years’ by dance world heavy weights Win and Woo. Marked as their biggest, most compare proud to present their biggest, most comprehensive project of their careerfeaturing focus single ‘All That Motion’ ft Louis The Child along with previously released ‘Vanilla Sky’ ft Wrabel and ‘Knots’ feat. Blair Lee. This monumental project is a statement piece that really showcases their artistic journey over the years of hard work, passion and dedication they have endlessly poured into their craft and the industry. 

“This album represents our entire journey working together, a journey that started ten years ago. Listening to the project in its entirety, you hear nuances of moments in our career that made us the artists we are today. The many lessons we learned along the way helped shape our music. Ten Years is a benchmark for our sound moving forward and the start of a new chapter in our lives, as humans and musicians. 

Relationships with fellow artists have always been very important to us. We are very grateful to the amazing talent and new friends that chose to be a part of this project (Wrabel, Sad Alex, Saint Sinner, Geographer, Blair Lee). A special shoutout to our friend Johnny Mabie who helped co-produce the album in Joshua Tree 2020. Years ago in Chicago, we met Louis the Child and have been family ever since. Having a record with them on this project was so important to us and we are so proud of the result. Hope you enjoy the lead single “All This Motion w/ Louis the Child” and the rest of our debut album “Ten Years”. Win and Woo

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On to Pop-ier pastures now with sophomore single ’80s Rom-Com’ from German artist Luisa Siorou. ’80’s Rom-Com’ follows debut single ‘perfect crime’ which made waves in April, with thousands of streams on Spotify already. Her TikTok has also recently gone viral with over 1 million views and 30,000 followers on the platform. Keen to keep her creative control, Luisa writes, co-produces and records everything she works on, making sure she’s involved in every step of the way. With strong influences of 80s pop and synths, Luisa immerses herself into this world with this new exciting offering. 

“Storytelling is my favourite part in the creation process so I really wanted to write a song that was fun and made you want to dance but still tell a story for the listener. I think with “80s Rom-Com” I achieved that which I’m really proud of and so excited for people to hear!” – Luisa Siorou

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Canadian newcomer Diva Flawless is making her presence known with the sultry electro-pop, trap and R&B number ‘They Don’t Know’. It’s full of crisp beats and the artist’s seductive vocals, both of which play out the tension of love, heartbreak, betrayal and the duplicity of some people’s characters. While it was inspired by her sister’s breakup, Diva Flawless has made something unique and vivid all on its own.

“‘They Don’t Know’ means people outside the relationship don’t understand their love story, a love story that begins with the intensity of his love that causes her to do anything – anything is possible for her when he’s around. However, the love is not defined quite the same in his eyes. He is not intending to stay nor does he intend to sacrifice as she has. This creates a conflict in which he decides that leaving is the best option. She is now in doubt of everything – if he ever did love her or meant anything that he said.”

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‘SUNNY BEACHES’ is the distinctive, ukulele-led hip-hop single from New Orleans rapper THISMINORITY, who has invited Indigo to the track to give it the extra punch. As you’ll find in the artist’s captivating rap flow, it’s a song that celebrates progress and self-love with those tropical vibes and warm, organic textures.

“‘SUNNY BEACHES’ is about acknowledging yourself and your progress even if you feel behind. Acknowledge that you are moving, and treat yourself on whichever scale but show love to yourself. You’re never as late as you think, and with passion exercised you’ll always be on time!”

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Last but by no means least, this song is something really special that’ll bring inner peace to anyone who is listening right now. Brenda Montana is a proud Inuk hailing from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, who has used her presence on social media to share her culture and traditions with an ever-growing fanbase. Now she’s working towards her debut album, Qaujimagit, with song in Inuktitut and in English, from which we can hear the tranquil, ambient single ‘Together as One’. Montana’s voice is so soothing and ethereal, creating a safe space with this serene sonic landscape.

“There are people who care for you and you are not alone.”

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