Hazey Jane return with heart opening new single ‘Be Better Today’

As if in tandem with the sunshine, the return of the glorious weather across the UK has also brought the long awaited new single from indie folk band Hazey Jane.

A close companion during lock down, their catalogue of music provided a slice of familiarity, comfort and a glimmer of much needed hope to this writer and it’s safe to say I’m pretty excited for the return of these musical geniuses.

Gorgeous, rich guitar tones ring out whilst lead singer Bobby’s, warm enveloping vocal gently but firmly captivates listeners in an instant. Holding you by the ear, by the hand and also the heart, the lyrics stir something deep within you, calling you forth with soft encouragement, opening you to all it has to offer.

Each note feathers and fades, ebbs and flows, in wisps and hues, painting a delicate yet inviting picture. Accompanied by an equally as welcoming, feel good video filled with loved ones gathered together, cascading hills, the beauty of nature, a floofy friend (Enzo) and endless smiles, it’s the perfect partner for a tune that truly makes you feel like one of the family. 

A certified, guaranteed mood booster, ‘Be Better Today’ is one of those especially rare gems that makes it impossible not to feel good after every.single.listen.

After playing Glastonbury for the first time, earlier this year, the trio made up of Bobby, Laurent and Paul are set for a Summer of excitement as they return to releasing. With hopeful hints of a live show perched on the horizon (fingers & toes crossed) to accompany a brand new EP set for release in October, it’s never been a better time to sink your ears into their glorious offerings.

We promise, it’ll be the best thing you do this week.

“‘Be Better Today’, addresses the difficulty we all experience when trying to empathise with people we do not understand. The song imagines a “room full of love”,  a space representing kindness and tolerance, from which it is all too easy to walk away. ‘Be Better Today’ is not merely a criticism of narrow-mindedness, but rather an invitation to pause, listen and be conscious of experiences other than our own.” Hazey Jane

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