Indie Kids: Gwyn Love x La+ch, Kowloon, Vincent Christ, Hein Cooper & Lawson Hull, Mauve Grove, Elliot Lee, 1st Base Runner, Eyal Zusman & Amir Lev

Our Indie Kids playlist celebrates everything on the indie spectrum, whether that’s rock, folk or pop, because we firmly believe in taking a little walk off the beaten track every once in a while.

‘good luck rly’ is the potent single about self-confidence, being true to your own identity and ambition to fulfill your dreams from Los Angeles-via-Oklahoma pop-punk artist Gwyn Love. They’ve linked up with Canadian producer La+ch on this one and they’ve even completed this angsty, electro-pop dipped punk track with a narrative music video. You really can’t help singing along to those super honesty and unfiltered lyrics.

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For a swift change of pace, we’re digging into Kowloon’s serene single ‘A Thousand Pictures’. Led by the mediated vocals, the L.A. artist makes artful use of vintage synths and bubbling bass to create a hazy atmosphere in which swims ideas of memory and loss. It’s a gorgeous and subtle track, impressively entirely performed by Kowloon.

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British indie artist Vincent Christ is following up his debut album and leading into his next EP with ‘Driftwood’, this texturally splendid new single that channels 70s and 80s new wave, glam and post-punk. His voice is reminiscent of King Krule, which is perfect tool to fein stoicism (this theme from the misremembered quote, “soldiers don’t die, they just turn into driftwood” ), but that untempered emotion still rises to the surface.

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This breezy and atmospheric single ‘Maze’ is the product of a collaboration between songwriters Hein Cooper and Lawson Hull, and unbelievably the pair wrote the song over a couple of sessions and recorded it in just two days. The ease of which these friends and collaborators create together is something really special, which comes through in the organic flow of this track. Despite the tranquility, this track frames Cooper’s history anxiety and overthinking, relaying it to the listener through brushed paint strokes of cinematic sound.

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‘Creepy Crawlies’ is the undeniably funky track from Toronto’s psychedelic hip-hop jazz cabal, Mauve Grove. The deep grooves, reverberated guitar chords and tinkering drums (akin to artists like BADBADNOTGOOD and Future) set the eerie atmosphere for the rapid-fire rap verses. You won’t be able to place your finger on the subject matter here, rather it’s a meta-commentary on modern hip-hop cadences and flows. More to come from the outfit’s upcoming debut LP.

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Elliot Lee’s bold new single and music video ‘54321’ combines signature dark-pop melodies, electro-rock soundscapes and edgy alt-pop vocals in order to drive the strong message home. It’s all about watching someone dig themselves further into lies upon lies, while you avoid confrontation knowing that they’re only harming themselves. The countdown “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” is to the inevitable; it’s a runaway train that can’t be stopped.

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1st Base Runner is the immersive new project from Texas singer-songwriter and producer Tim Husmann, whose newest work ‘Planter’ is a blurred vignette of shoegaze, dream-pop and indie-rock motifs. At the centre stands the isolated figure of Hussman whose raspy voice conveys deep, raw emotions hard won through life experiences. The track is accompanied by an avant-garde visual, emphasizing his use of vintage art-forms.

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Eyal Zusman and Amir Lev are two highly experienced Israeli artists whose new collaboration ‘That Moment’ (הרגע ההוא) is a mesmeric mix of Galilee vocal melodies and Mediterranean rhythms that results in this warm, summery and folksy recording. This track portrays one’s attachment to moments in life that we can’t let go of, no matter how hard we try. ‘That Moment’ is taken from the pair’s upcoming album, The Journey To The Warmer Lands, which is composed by Kevin Rodrigues.

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