Dance Collective: 44 Ardent, GoGo Penguin, Nieri, D.Matthews, Super Flu, Hellove x Izara, Polartropica x Zhao, & ENNA x pirtriq

It’s been a little while since we had a Dance Collective round-up, so we thought it was time we had ourselves another listening party and dig out some electronic, dance and house gems for you!

In the vein of Caribou, Bonobo, Four Tet, Tourist, here we have some ambient electronica at its finest from Australia’s hotly-tipped producer 44 Ardent. This latest single ‘intothedeep’ is a fluid and beat-driven track that evokes a sonic journey through one’s expansive imagination. We really love the use of vocal clips and various tools to create texture right throughout this spectral listen.

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Let’s welcome the return of PM regulars, GoGo Penguin, which is the fascinating UK-based outfit that combines improvisational jazz with modern production techniques to create some truly captivating soundscapes. Once again they shine on ‘The Antidote Is in the Poison’, which brings all the high-drama of backroom jazz piano, double bass and drums, but then it’s wrapped up in smooth almost trip-hop package.

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The electronic music spectrum would be nothing without variety and next up we’re taking you down the hardstyle EDM route, with a smattering of cool 80s-pop thrown into the mix. That enticing blend is of course the sound of Nieri’s ‘Body 2 Body’, which has a classic club feel and some really interesting vocal effects that departs from the usual crisp voices that tend to dominate dance music. For more, go check out Nieri’s Starshine? EP, out now!

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Repping the Australian side for a second time in this list is the Aussie-based Nigerian artist D.Matthews whose vibrant style is unmistakably afro-beat, with a fresh pop aesthetic in new single ‘No Frontin’ that makes this super easy to listen to whatever you’re doing. We love the pace and fluidity of his voice, which goes from relaxed notes to passionate promises.

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Not to be mistaken with the villain from the Belgian comic franchise The Smurfs of the same name, ‘Gargamel’ is the slick and gritty new tune from German outfit Super Flu. Their dance music direction is already seamless, but after thorough inspection by the Monaberry record label, this track has become flawless.

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Naturally, one of these round-ups wouldn’t be complete without a slice of verified house music. New tune ‘Miss Me’ is from Estonian hitmakers Hellove and Izara who have collaborated on this dreamy, hedonistic and romantic new track. Much like successful names San Holo and Odesza, ‘Miss Me’ incorporates naturalistic instruments, earthy beats and crisp vocals.

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Producer Zhao has given the dreamy, space-pop original from the Los Angeles-based Taiwanese avant-garde artist Polartropica a fresh updo. From L.A’s underground club scene to you, the new version of ‘Terminator Redux’ levels up that cool, summery feeling thanks to the danceable beat, complimented further by some exciting live horns courtesy of Polartropica herself.

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Following the release of her debut Wild Heart EP (itself a result of pandemic creativity), the Berlin-based songwriter ENNA has been releasing a variety of genre-blending tracks, although this pirtriq remix of recent single ‘On My Mid’ shows a whole new side to her sound. It’s steeped in summer vibes with plenty of tropical attitude and a shuffling Latin rhythm that’ll have any listener’s hips moving. It’s simply feel-good!

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